Laizhou chinese Martial Arts School

The Laizhou Chinese Martial Arts School was built in 1992 and is located in the beautiful Shandong Peninsula province. There are classes in many different forms of martial arts, languages, music and computers. The school has a student flat, a flat for foreign students, a dining hall and football field, in addition to the training ground and halls.

162 specialized teachers and coaches guide the more than 1600 students who come from 10 different provinces from the country to come to Laizhou Chinese Martial Arts School. The school has achieved good results in major tournaments, such as the Qingdao International Wushu championship were Achieved 6 gold, 4 silver and 3 copper medals

At the National Youth Wushu Shandong “Hope Cup” Championship, 14 gold, 12 silver and 15 copper medals.

Because of these and other achievements, the school is known both at home and abroad.

The Laizhou Chinese Martial School was named Advanced Martial School of China. The school is under Laizhou Education Committee and has the American Dongyang Wudao University as a sister school and there is a good friendship with the Korean Fushan Wu Shu Association. The Laizhou Chinese Martial School has become an open window to the outside world. In its ten years of existence, Laizhou Chinese Martial School has grown to become one of the best advanced Wushu Schools in China. Where in 2001 the “Association Scientific Research committee” held its big meeting. The quality of teaching makes a great impression on the visitors and students of the school. Working at the school consists of inspiration, high standards, exploring Chinese Wu Shu culture.