Jan willem Roele

Since the early 1980's I practice tai chi chuan when I was 22 years old. My name is Jan Willem Roele and I was born 1962 in Amsterdam. I learned here Yang style tai chi chuan and Sun style tai chi chuan, xing yi quan, ba gua zhang, yi quan, tai ki ken and chi kung. Since 1989 I am a qualified shiatsu therapist. I learned the first 2 years at the Shiatsu Studio in Amsterdam. I continued learning from my teacher's teachers, the Japanese masters. We were taught zen shiatsu, do in, okido yoga and also chi kung. In the early 90's I came in contact with Chen style tai chi chuan and met Chen Xiao Wang and Wang Xi An, Chinese grandmasters. I have traveled to China several times to study and learned mainly Chen style and Yin ba gua zhang. While in China I also learned some tui na and an mo, Chinese massage and acupressure. I teach martial arts since 1979, over time tai chi chuan became a more and more important part of the lessons/trainings Greetings Jan Willem Roele